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We prefer to think of well-being, rather than pain. In health, rather than disease.

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Armando Alcalá

Espacio Quiropráctico is directed by Armando Alcalá, graduated in chiropractic from the Madrid College of Chiropractic. Thanks to 5 years of university studies and more than 5500 teaching hours. He is a member of the Spanish Association of Chiropractic (AEQ No. 1445), an association that requires continuous training to always maintain the highest level of professionalism.

  • Member of AEQ Nº1445.

  • “Scientia” award for the best record of the promotion.

  • Speak Spanish and English.

Espacio Quiropráctico is directed by Armando Alcalá, a graduate of the Madrid College of Chiropractic “MCC”. He has the title of “DOCTOR OF CHIROPRACTIC” * by the European Chiropractic Union “ECU”. It is the only globally recognized degree in Europe in the field of chiropractic.

During his 5 years of university studies, he did more than 5500 teaching hours for his degree and was awarded the “SCIENTIA” award for the best record of the class. He has also attended seminars and conferences, both on Chiropractic technique and Chiropractic Philosophy.

After obtaining the title of “Doctor of Chiropractic”, he made a humanitarian trip to Namibia where, together with some career colleagues, he shared with thousands of people the benefits of Chiropractic, he describes it as a rewarding and enriching experience.

He is a member of the Spanish Chiropractic Association (member No. 1445, based in Madrid). Association that requires continuous training to always maintain the highest level of professionalism.

He speaks Spanish and English.

He has a passion for chiropractic and his mission is to improve the quality of life, create health, and share information about good life habits. Communicate and promote chiropractic and its principles to serve as many families as possible so that they can function to their fullest potential.

His dedication to continuous study makes the most innovative knowledge and techniques available to his patients. In this way, it facilitates the best possible care within the field of natural health.



Espacio Quiropráctico

Espacio Quiropráctico is located on the Avenida de los descubrimientos of Chiclana, in front of the McDonalds, in the centro empresarial las redes, next to the Chiclana property registry.

The center has easy access by car (free parking near the clinic), public transport (it has a bus stop one minute walk from the clinic) and has a taxi rank a few meters away.

Our center has a reception where Maite will kindly assist you. A waiting room, a private room, where we take the first visits, tests and revaluations, and an open room where we take follow-up adjustments.

In Espacio Quiropráctico we want you to find your space to disconnect, to take time for yourself, think about your recovery, relax and learn about health and the functioning of the body.

Transmit and educate in preventive health to achieve a healthier, more capable and happy population.

Offer comprehensive, natural and effective care that respects the functioning of the body and allows us to live longer and better years.

Honesty, trust, kindness, passion, innovation and closeness.

Reseñas Clientes


From day one the results have been spectacular and in global terms the pain has decreased in intensity. I have not taken any kind of medicine since I arrived.
Antonio P, Cádiz
Thanks to the consultations with Espacio Quiropráctico I feel much better, stronger, I feel less dizziness, less back pain and headaches and my digestion is better. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, I am glad to see you met.
Elisabeth R., Arcos de la Frontera
The back pain has disappeared in 90% I go back to sleep without problems almost every night and the need to take pills has disappeared, neither for sleep nor for pain
Ramon N., Algodonales
My back area feels more relaxed, my feet have also improved, as I walk and it doesn’t hurt at all. The muscles of my legs I notice that they hurt less.
Pilar S., Rota
Disappearance of neck and lumbar pain and better quality of life. This is the best.
Pedro R, Puerto Real
Went to the Espacio Quiropráctico for neck, lumbar and head pain after pregnancy. Disappearance of pain, head mobility, no headache, better rest. I recommend it to everyone.
Susana V., San Fernando
In two months of treatment, very good results with my scoliosis. Excellent staff both with the patient and with his companions. Great professionals in their profession.
Jesús A., Sanlucar de Barrameda
Almost no back pain and lumbosciatica has disappeared. I feel very well and very happy because I do not take pills for back pain.
Maria José G., Tarifa
The dizziness and vertigo have disappeared and my neck hurts much less. From the back (spinal deviation) I feel much better, I feel straighter and I have much more desire to do things
Pepi L, Chiclana

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