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Espacio Quiropráctico takes care of your spine and improves your health

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Chiropractic can benefit people of all ages who want to live a happier, more active life, with more possibilities.


In the first years of life, the greatest development of the nervous system and spine occurs. Taking a preventive check of their spine helps them improve the functioning of the body and helps them avoid future problems.

  • Greater feeling of well-being and rest.

  • Improve your posture.

  • Improve your muscle tone.

In the first years of life, the greatest development of our systems occurs, especially the nervous system and spinal column. Currently, the population is not used to doing a spinal checkup on our little ones to check the alignment and functioning of these important systems in full development. In general, we tend to wait for a complaint or symptom to develop warning us of a problem rather than try to prevent it.

The first vertebral subluxations of human life can originate due to the adaptation movements of our child in the mother’s womb or in the very development of childbirth. This usually results in restless babies, a lot of crying, or difficulty sleeping.

Later during the development of the children, beginning of sports activities and schools. They begin to have more falls, poor posture when studying, heavy or hanging backpacks with a handle, high use of telephones and screens. The spine continues its growth to a great extent in adolescence and previous habits or actions tend to unbalance it and generate vertebral subluxations that can translate into long-term pain or problems.

Chiropractic, in its wide range of manual techniques, can be adapted to each baby or child to ensure that the nervous system remains in an optimal state and thus we get them to grow in health in their different stages of growth.



The structural, emotional and hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy can increase irritability, worsen our rest, our posture and pains appear. Help to better spend this important moment in your life.

  • Helps reduce associated aches and pains.

  • Helps fetal positioning.

  • It improves the compensations that the body develops.

During all stages of pregnancy, the woman’s body undergoes great emotional, structural and hormonal changes, in order to create a space in the womb for the baby to develop normally and to prepare the body for childbirth.

Great changes occur in the biomechanics of women, thus increasing the probability that compensations appear in gait and posture as well as new discomforts (low back pain, neck pain, headaches, pubalgia, reflux, tingling).

These changes increase irritability and decrease rest, patience and the ability to enjoy such a beautiful and unique process that is giving birth.

Chiropractic care becomes more necessary in this process of change, to improve the compensations that the body develops, thus helping to reduce discomfort and improve the movement of the pelvis, favoring a correct fetal position and a normal development of labor.

Estos cambios aumentan la irritabilidad y disminuyen el descanso, la paciencia y la capacidad de disfrutar de un proceso tan bonito y único que es el dar a luz.

El cuidado quiropráctico se hace más necesario en este proceso de cambio, para mejorar las compensaciones que desarrolla el cuerpo, ayudando así a disminuir molestias y mejorar el movimiento de la pelvis favoreciendo una correcta posición fetal y un normal desarrollo del parto.



Chiropractic care provides athletes with that spark they seek to improve their performance and physical condition. Many of the most award-winning athletes rely on chiropractic to stay in the elite.

  • Improves physical performance.

  • Reduces risk of injury.

  • Faster injury recovery.

Many athletes rely on chiropractic to improve their athletic performance and health.

The practice of any sport requires that our body and mind are connected and in the best possible conditions, so that we can function at full capacity and achieve

best results. Chiropractic greatly favors this process, through the care of the spine and nervous system to achieve an optimal state of health.

Elite athletes rely on chiropractic care as a great aid in the injury recovery process, and more importantly, to improve their performance regardless of the presence or absence of symptoms or pain.

Rafael Nadal, Usain Bolt, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Andy Murray, Arnold Schwarzenegger are some of the many elite athletes who are adept at chiropractic.


Third Age

The quality of life and well-being must not be lost over the years. Chiropractic helps our elders to feel better, achieve greater mobility and activity and be happier, so that they do not give up what they want to do.

  • Greater feeling of well-being and rest.

  • Improve your movement and activity.

  • Greater daily autonomy.

Turning years should not be synonymous with losing quality of life. For those who do not want to resign themselves to decreasing their activity with the passage of time and wish to add not only more years to life, but also more life to the years; Chiropractic can give you the support you are looking for!

At that age the body becomes more delicate, the metabolism slows down and tolerates the side effects of medications or surgeries worse than a younger adult. They need a more conservative approach, without side effects, respecting rather than altering natural physiology, and tailored to the individual needs of each person.

Chiropractic is the opportunity, so that they do not give up their activity, so that they continue to enjoy their day to day with maximum autonomy, by making them improve their mobility, balance and sense of well-being.



Don’t wait to discover the benefits chiropractic can bring you.